First Class Materials

All materials used in Samsara jewellery have been carefully selected. The 108 diamonds circling the pavè balls are precisely cut and fitted around the piece. All diamonds placed in the centre of the centerpiece Mandalas are 0.12ct and brilliant cut, while the smaller Mandalas, which are side pieces, have 0.08ct cut diamonds.

Many of the semi-precious stones and all the wooden beads are ancient prayer beads that date back 250-450 years. These once cherished beads have been transformed into splendid keepsakes. The wooden beads are made from the valued and rare wood, Zitan, only found in South India. Other stones and jewels are sourced from around Asia.

All stones are meticulously checked and polished by our Danish goldsmiths in Copenhagen. The gold Mandalas, finals and locks are casted in Denmark.