April 29, 2015
At the restaurant “Academy Turandot”, Dr. Eric Eggers-Lura held a lecture. The theme of the event was: “Far celestial Empire: mysterious China and Tibet. Investments in objects of Oriental art and Antiques”. Dr. Eric Eggers-Lura, as well as being the owner and founder of Samsara, is a hereditary antiquary and collector, and the owner of the Song Gallery – the largest gallery of Oriental art in Northern Europe:

April 28, 2015
Jaguar Land Rover Boutique hosted an exclusive presentation of the new collection of jewelry from Samsara.
For the first time in Russia, the guest of the evening was the owner and founder of Samsara, Dr. Eric Eggers-Lura, who spoke about the history of the brand and the main directions of its activities. In addition to the presentation of the collection of women’s and men’s jewelry, which had not been previously presented on the Russian market, attention was paid to the exhibition of Antiques of the XVI–XIX centuries.

May 2012
Samsara made a partnership with a Colombian emerald miner. Samsara’s products are displayed at their showroom in Shanghai. Soon Samsara will attend the emerald event in Beijing.

May 2012
Samsara opened the exhibition at a high end local store called Connoisseur; the Imperial Collection attracted a lot attention from their clients.

Samsara continues to make new partnerships with different brands from different fields. Right now Samsara is negotiating stores in Shanghai and Hong Kong; final decisions on this will be made very soon.

Samsara held a lecture about The Power of Stones at STAR Club in Shanghai for our VIP guests.

We had an afternoon-tea gathering with KEE club’s members. KEE club is one of the top private clubs in Shanghai and it belongs to the Richmond Group.

Samsara had a successful launch party in Shanghai at Dickson Mall. All guests admired the fancy Design of Samsara Jewellery and its historical background.

In just a few months, Samsara Jewellery has become very well known on major Chinese fashion websites.



LE MAGASIN DE CONNAISSEUR is holding Zhang Da Qian exhibition at Jinjiang Dickson and invited ICBC VIP clients to the Art Appreciation. They showed strong interest in Samsara jewellery.

2011 New Wave International Music Competition gathered music stars from Europe and America. The famous singer Konstantin Krukov was wearing a Samsara bracelet on that day.

At the 2011 Moscow International Film Festival, famous singer Konstantin Krukov wears Samsara bracelet to attend the ceremony.

Another super star Ekaterina Vulichenko, in a light yellow dress also wears Samsara bracelet. We have to say that Samsara jewellery has become the first choice of the stars at the film festival.

Samsara opened the first boutique store in LE MAGASIN DE CONNAISSEUR next to Gucci and Bottega Veneta, at No 400 Changle Road, Jinjiang Dickson.

LE MAGASIN DE CONNAISSEUR is mainly selling high-end antiques and paintings to bring a combination of fashion collections and investment ideas.

Samsara established the first representative office in Shanghai, China. The office is located in No 580 West Nanjing Road, Nanzheng Dasha.

October 2010
Samsara jewellery appoints a Chief Representative for Samsara jewellery in China. Together with her team she will be developing business for Samsara in China. If you have any questions about Samsara in China, please email

May 2010
A Samsara team is established in Moscow to develop the brand and sell the jewellery. If you have any questions for our Russian team please contact

April 2010
Samsara gains popularity in China, especially in Beijing where jewellery pieces were picked up by a large number of art dealers and collectors.

March 2010
Samsara expands into China and a new office for Asia is set up in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai in the central city district of Luwan.

January 2010
Samsara moves into the Russian market and is sold through TSUM, one of Russia’s largest and most successful department stores. TSUM is known as Moscow’s most fashionable and trendiest place to shop. It carries exclusive brands of stylish and up-scale apparel, perfumery and apparel.

November 2009
The well-known Danish singer and actor Szhirley purchases a Samsara bracelet.

June 2009
Princess Alexandra of Denmark buys a red Ruby and Gold Samsara bracelet with a phoenix clasp. Please refer to the Samsara website Press section for photography.

November 2008
Samsara sponsors the 2008 Danish Football Awards night ceremony with cash and jewellery gifts.

March 2008
A new Samsara deluxe concept store opens. It is situated on Svejgaards Street in Copenhagen in the classy area of Hellerup.