The Imperial Collection

The Imperial Collection is a limited edition range, made from the highest quality semi-precious gemstones, pearls, ivory and sandalwood beads, once selected to make magnificent mandarin chains fashioned during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the later Qing Dynasty (1665-1911).
Mandarin chains were only worn by the Chinese emperors, empresses and high court officials. These rare and antique Mandarin chain beads have been revitalized to create unique bracelets made with materials of history and prestige.

The Necklace Collection

The Necklace Collection is a collection of necklaces made of elegant and luxurious old beads. The old lotus and Mandala balls in these necklaces create balance and visual empowerment.

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is a range of luxurious bracelets of superb quality and craftsmanship.

The collection contains gemstones and valued Zitan wood beads from old Buddhistic Prayer Chains in China that have inspired the creation of the Classic Collection’s modern adornments; a magnificent contrast of antique and new materials.

The Mantra Collection

The Mantra collection is a range of bracelets with striking visual elements that are transformed into spiritual forces. The collection consists of empowered elements such as the antique Mandala, the Lotus ball, ancient Mammoth beads and skulls carved out of old yak-ox, which gives extra power to meditation and yoga.