Jewellery Design

Samsara jewellery has been thoughtfully crafted to reflect the philosophy of the brand.

The exclusive, hand-designed and trademarked Mandala ball featured in Samsara jewellery is a spiritual symbol which has been used to manifest balance between body, mind and spirit, creating unity and harmony. The Mandala ball is available with or without a brilliant cut diamond. The Mandala and stone combinations have been registered by Samsara, to protect the individual design of the jewellery.

The pavè ball has been expertly crafted in India, home to some of the most talented jewelers in the world. Each pavè ball is purposely composed of 108 diamonds. In many Eastern traditions, 108 is a sacred number and is repeated in many designs such as in ancient prayer rosaries.

The knot of wisdom is used as extra strengthening to each piece’s internal structure. The knot symbolizes Samsara, and is therefore also called the eternal knot – very auspicious in Eastern culture. Samsara jewellery is available with different locks to close the jewellery, all meticulously hand-crafted in Denmark.

Each lock design is registered, allowing Samsara to offer these unique designs exclusively. There are also more simple designs, such as lotus and bamboo. The lotus symbolizes elegance and beauty, and is the more feminine symbol.

The bamboo symbolizes strength and durability, and is the more masculine symbol. The Phoenix and Dragon locks, with their more sophisticated design, are the matriarch and patriarch symbols of the Chinese Imperial Family, and powerful historical symbols in their own right. According to Feng Shui, the Phoenix will bring out excellence, and the Dragon will bring success to every area of life. The S-shape of the gold locks functions as a catalyst and ensures that the energy-flow stays within the bracelet and the bearer.

All Samsara locks, except the lotus lock, are available in two sizes, small and large. The locks have been designed so that more than one bracelet can be worn at a time using one lock. A small lock can be used to string and close up to two bracelets and a large lock can be used to string and close up to three bracelets.