Samsara Beads as Health Products

Samsara Jewellery designs and creates all the bracelets, necklaces and pendants shown on this website, using only individually selected fine and old beads. We also use some newer materials to accentuate and design the jewellery.

Samsara designs items with specific stones and jewels that are believed to contain metaphysical energies.
If you would like to purchase a specially designed jewellery piece suited to your needs that is not found on this website, or if you have questions about stone and jewel healing, please e-mail or phone your inquiry to Samsara.


We do not advocate any information provided on this website about the metaphysical energies of stones as a substitute for conventional medicine or advice. If you are ill, please see your doctor for advice and medication.

Samsara does not imply or suggest that the purchasing of stones for metaphysical properties is in any way a replacement for prescribed medication or medical treatment.