Jewellery Care

There are a few simple ways in which you can keep your Samsara jewellery looking great.

In order to maintain the high quality and natural luster of your jewellery, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

To clean your jewellery:

• For Amber, Ivory and Pearls, rinse in slow-running cool tap water for a few seconds, then soak up wetness with a clean, soft and dry cloth.
• For Jade, Rubies, Sapphires and Gold, dip the stones or fixtures in room temperature water for a few seconds. Afterwards, soak up the wetness immediately with a clean, soft and dry cloth, which can be used to polish if required.
• Do not immerse jewellery with stones, pearls or other similar items in water.
• Never use strong detergents, ammonia, alcohol or jewellery cleaner to clean Samsara jewellery.
• In order to prolong the life of the high quality finials, nylon bands and steel wire in your bracelet, necklace or pendant, avoid exposing it to moisture or putting on/taking it off in a rough manner.

Handle the item gently and inspect the finials, nylon band or lock occasionally to detect any signs of wear and tear. If this happens, be sure to have the item restrung.

To protect against damage:

• Always put on jewellery AFTER perfume or hairspray has been applied and has thoroughly dried.

• Do not wear jewellery when swimming in chlorinated water or salt water, or when showering.
• Never expose to soap, detergents or other chemicals including, but not limited to bleach, fingernail polish removers, paint thinners, perfumes, grease and other contaminants. Do not expose to fire, heat, strong light or microwaves.
• After removing your jewellery, wrap separately in a soft piece of fabric or cloth bag.
• Never throw or store your jewellery in a box where it may be nicked or scratched by another piece of jewellery.